Extra Features
New Chainsaws
New chainsaws have been added to the game.
Once a new chainsaw has been obtained, the player can change chainsaws in the shop's Costume menu.

The new chainsaws are listed below:
      Original Chainsaw
      Initial Equipment
      Gold Chainsaw
      Increased Gold Medal availability / sold in the shop
      Spectrum Chainsaw
      Increased Platinum Medal availability / sold in the shop
      Awesome Chainsaw
      No more zombie attacks / sold in the shop
      Extreme Chainsaw
      Zombies will target Juliet more than survivors / sold in the shop
Chained Hits Hunting
The number of consecutive hits registered on enemies are counted, and getting to certain hit count thresholds increases the chainsaw's speed.
The chain level can rise up to level 5, and the player receives a number of Medals based on their rating when the chain ends.
Speed lines appear on the screen whenever the Chain Level rises, serving as a visual cue that it has risen.
Attacks such as Cheer Combos which do not use the chainsaw have star and heart effects added instead.
Additionally, Combo names are displayed on the screen when used, and the player gets bonuses based on the Combo used.
Real Time Attack
A Real Time Attack mode, widely-requested from fans, has been added.
The player plays stages 0 to 6 in order, and once cleared the results showing clear time is displayed and registered on the world ranking board.
Real Time Attack can be used with both Original Mode and RePOP Mode.
*Screens and videos are currently under development.