New Juliet’s Room Features
The gallery functionality of Juliet's Room, where you can browse and equip a variety of collectible items, was expanded.
Illustrations purchased from the shop can now be viewed in Juliet's Room. Additionally, the 140+ collectibles have been reorganized and categorized for easier browsing.
Visibility and ease of was changed with the screen divided into eight sections, and the interface has been styled after American comic books.
Newly Added to Juliet's Room
  • New illustrations (approx. 15)
  • Chainsaws (5 types)
  • Hair colors (4 colors)
Items viewable in Juliet's Room
  • Illustrations
  • Music
  • Items & Combos
  • Costumes & Chainsaws
  • Achievements
  • Zombie Album
  • Lollipop Case
  • Phone Messages
Additionally, all costumes included in the original version (excluding licensed costumes) are included, and new costumes have been added as well.
A total of 30 costumes, both old and new, have been implemented.

In addition to new costumes, four new hair colors have been added.
The player can now switch between costumes, hair colors, and equipped chainsaws in the Costume menu.

The menu where various costumes are displayed has also been improved for better visibility and convenience by slimming down the banners and implementing a filtering function, allowing the player to easily find the what they are looking for.
(DLC costumes will be added to the list of owned costumes after installation.)

RePOP's soundtrack is based around original songs. Please look forward to new songs from new musicians.
*Screens and videos are currently under development.