Changes from Original Release
RePOP Mode
The new RePOP mode, which is selectable outside of Original Mode, has a distinct and colorful pop art style for damage effects.
Resolution and Framerate
The PS5, Xbox S/X and Steam versions support 4K resolution and 60 FPS.
The Switch versions support full HD resolution and 30 FPS.
Shorter Load Times
Shorter load times than the Original Version of the game.
Chainsaw Action
The game includes new improvements to make the game more user-friendly and exciting while maintaining the intense chainsaw action of the original!
      Improved camera response
      We have improved the camera's response to stick input.
      When controlling Juliette, the R-stick can now be used to rotate the camera quickly and widely, making it easier to spot enemies and items.
      Improved keystroke response
      The timing of button input acceptance has been improved to make it easier to perform combos.
      Increased attack speed
      Attack speed now increases based on the number of chained hits, making the game even more exhilarating.
      Movement speeds
      Movement speeds is now faster.
Chainsaw Blaster
Several changes have been made to the Chainsaw Blaster:
      Auto Rock On.
      Auto-fire mode added.
      Increased maximum ammunition number.
Combo Actions
Improved combo actions so that players can use combo actions from the beginning of the game.
Nick Roulette
Several of the actions available in Nick Roulette have had their method of control changed to improve usability:
        Nick Shoot
        Changed to be an attack which hits zombies on the screen and makes them groggy.

        Nick Popper
        Changed to be a very powerful AOE explosion attack.

Zombie Baseball, which many players found difficult in the original release, has been rebalanced.
New Streamer Mode
The song Lollipop which plays in the shop is replaced with an original song.
*Screens and videos are currently under development.